Keep Going…

There will be days where the only thing you can feel is nothing. What was once human is now merely an empty shell. Sometimes the emptiness finds you for absolutely no reason at all. And sometimes, the emptiness finds you because everything you have ever experienced up until this moment, has led you here. YouContinue reading “Keep Going…”

What do you do when the well has run dry?

How I’m Milking my Love of Halloween 365 Days per Year Just to Feel Something I am a dry well. You cannot draw water from a dry well. Lately, the small sacred voice inside of that tells me what feels right has gone quiet. The urge to receive external validation has been overwhelming. I justContinue reading “What do you do when the well has run dry?”

What Are We Doing About Inequities in the Mental Health System?

Join Skyler’s Workshop on Nov. 9th We pay a lot of lip service to the notion of equality in America. But most of us don’t know the difference between equality and equity, if we’ve even heard of the latter. In his upcoming workshop, Inequities in the Mental Health System, my peer and co-worker Skyler RiveraContinue reading “What Are We Doing About Inequities in the Mental Health System?”

Building Your Own Wellness Toolkit: WRAP + DBT Diary Cards

One of the frustrating things about more traditional approaches to mental health is the emphasis on ‘working the program’ exactly as it’s prescribed. There is wisdom in many of the tools offered by the traditional mental health system. That said, most people who have been in recovery for a long time have necessarily experienced aContinue reading “Building Your Own Wellness Toolkit: WRAP + DBT Diary Cards”

A Poem on Healing

Well, here we go. A hand reaches out from the abyss a voice enters my mind “allow me to become one with you.” “let’s transcend this reality together” “a reality created by us, through us” … we long for a new Earth yet many of us do not seek within to change learn to liveContinue reading “A Poem on Healing”