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CALL – What is a Warmline?

Our Statewide Young Adult Warmline is a phone-based peer support line. Similar to hotlines, staff can connect callers to community resources, hold space, offer hope, and inspire their peers to live a life of self-defined purpose through sharing their own lived experience. You can reach us at 1-855-6-467-3669

Our Operators are available from 12pm – 9pm everyday of the week. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Fruitless Infatuation

Before you interrupt, know that I mean this in the kindest way… I could never be enough for you… If only you knew If only you knew… How badly I want to feel better… -JM

1:15am Rumination

What, who, where and why would I be without another human acknowledging my existence? How can I validate this organic shell without another person’s approval? When will I know? -JM

If Only…

If only I knew where help was Where a warm place I could be held, was Where someone who knew what I felt, was Where someone who could change the cards I’d been dealt, was… -JM

“The paradox of our inevitable suffering is our inevitable recovery”

– Johnathan McKenzie