Walk Your Path

When someone is in recovery, there are a lot of things that come with that. Many times someone identifies with recovery because they wish to see a change in their lives and realize that how things have been happing are either no longer beneficial to their wellbeing or never has been. When the realization thatContinue reading “Walk Your Path”

I Hear Voices

I hear voices. Not the hum of a computer, not a creaky floorboard. I hear voices that command me to hurt myself. I have experienced what my doctor calls “auditory hallucinations” since I was a teenager, but they didn’t get commanding and vulgar until my mid-twenties. I never told my doctors that I was hearingContinue reading “I Hear Voices”

Daily Maintenance Checklist Templates

We’ve made a bunch of templates for daily maintenance checklists you can print yourself or at a print shop. Or you can come visit us at our offices for print-outs. We’d be happy to work on one with you. Enjoy!

Adulting, Chapter 2: Weekly Scheduling and Planning

Last week, we focused on tools for cultivating self-awareness one day at a time. This week, we’re focusing on short- and mid-term planning. Specifically, we’ll be talking about how to create a weekly schedule that you can actually use. Why bother with weekly scheduling or planning? With mounting frequency, I find myself staring into theContinue reading “Adulting, Chapter 2: Weekly Scheduling and Planning”

Adulting, Chapter 1: Daily Maintenance

Welcome back to Join Rise Be’s Adulting series! In this first installment, I’ll cover 2 basic organizational tools I use: A daily maintenance checklist A wellness inventory Not exactly mind-blowing drops of wisdom, but bedrock ain’t the most elegant stuff unless you’re surveying the Grand Canyon. The beauty of this system emerges at scale. WhyContinue reading “Adulting, Chapter 1: Daily Maintenance”

JRB’s New Adulting Series

Join Rise Be is a peer-run initiative for emerging adults (ages 18-29) in recovery. We define recovery as an internal shift from the inability to overcome challenges into a manageable state of self-awareness where growth is attainable. And in many ways, doesn’t that feel like growing up? Ain’t recovery the process of coming to recognizeContinue reading “JRB’s New Adulting Series”

Stop Giving Things 100%

I quit giving things 100%. I have a pervasive pattern of perfectionist boom-bust cycles where I overcommit, underperform, burn out, recoil, then lie supine, staring at my bedroom ceiling as I haphazardly count the seconds until I’m flooded with shameful relief from flaking. I have disrupted this pattern, but I don’t yet feel I’ve liberatedContinue reading “Stop Giving Things 100%”

Keep Going…

There will be days where the only thing you can feel is nothing. What was once human is now merely an empty shell. Sometimes the emptiness finds you for absolutely no reason at all. And sometimes, the emptiness finds you because everything you have ever experienced up until this moment, has led you here. YouContinue reading “Keep Going…”


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