Building Your Own Wellness Toolkit: WRAP + DBT Diary Cards

One of the frustrating things about more traditional approaches to mental health is the emphasis on ‘working the program’ exactly as it’s prescribed. There is wisdom in many of the tools offered by the traditional mental health system. That said, most people who have been in recovery for a long time have necessarily experienced aContinue reading “Building Your Own Wellness Toolkit: WRAP + DBT Diary Cards”

“Beginner’s Mind” or “Mindfulness for People Who Hate Meditation”

I stopped making almost any art for about 10 years. When I enrolled in community college, I took Drawing I my first semester. My teacher had the patient and attentive attitude of a blue-ribbon rose gardener. She encouraged us to adopt a growth-oriented mindset. She wanted us to view challenges and failures as opportunities toContinue reading ““Beginner’s Mind” or “Mindfulness for People Who Hate Meditation””

About the 4th

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and haven’t gotten too annoyed with the folks setting off fireworks (which will unfortunately continue for the next 2 months 🙂 ). Since this weekend was considered a holiday weekend, I wanted to briefly talk about holidays in general. I know that holidaysContinue reading “About the 4th”

Fruitless Infatuation

Before you interrupt, know that I mean this in the kindest way… I could never be enough for you… If only you knew If only you knew… How badly I want to feel better… -JM

1:15am Rumination

What, who, where and why would I be without another human acknowledging my existence? How can I validate this organic shell without another person’s approval? When will I know? -JM

If Only…

If only I knew where help was Where a warm place I could be held, was Where someone who knew what I felt, was Where someone who could change the cards I’d been dealt, was… -JM

A Poem on Healing

Well, here we go. A hand reaches out from the abyss a voice enters my mind “allow me to become one with you.” “let’s transcend this reality together” “a reality created by us, through us” … we long for a new Earth yet many of us do not seek within to change learn to liveContinue reading “A Poem on Healing”

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