We are mostly known for our Statewide Young Adult Warmline, but we certainly provide a wide range of other services as well. Below, you will find a bunch of wonderful opportunities that anyone, between the ages of 15-29, can get involved with. If you’re curious to learn more about any of our offerings, please feel free to connect with us via the Contact page. We look forward to collaborating or co-creating something beautiful that adds value to our communities with you!

The JRB X YAS Tour

We are visiting all Young Adult Services’ sites! Connect with us today to schedule a visit.

Call Patricia Young at 860-549-2435

We Are Hiring!

We are accepting applications through the end of June. Please send an email of your resume to PYoung@joinrisebe.org if you’re interested in applying for the position.

Statewide YA Advisory Board Meetings

These meetings now take place at 114 West Main St. New Britain from 11am to 1pm! Check out the Contact page to view a map that can help you with parking.

The Lotus Project

Luz Feliz is 26 years old and is the Young Adult Peer Leadership Coordinator for Join Rise Be through Advocacy Unlimited, Inc. She identifies as a person in recovery and hopes to provide young adults with tools to navigate daily stressors through the new training- The Lotus Project. One of the areas in which the lotus flowers tends to bloom the most is in swamps and dirty creeks. Similar to our lives, the lotus can come to symbolize the beauty that can emerge from once personally devastating circumstances that have now been transformed into a beautiful creation. Everyone has mud, and therefore everyone has the opportunity to transform into a lotus. After enduring hardships growing up and finally finding healthy ways to cope with her trauma, Luz found that some critical components to transitioning through adulthood were self-acceptance, mindfulness and determination to move forward no matter what. Through this training, she will highlight things that helped her heal, as well as take you on a journey inward into self-discovery, recovery and transformational growth. When considering bringing this training to your programs keep in mind its versatility! Luz can offer the training indoors, outdoors or virtually. It can be done in person in one all day training (6 hours) AND it can also be conducted as a 6 week course broken down into one hour modules. We can customize to fit your needs!

Warmline Operators Marco and Skyler use their lived experience to host the podcast by and for young adults, The Daily Flow.

It has already covered a wide range of topics, for example: the effects of isolation, adulting, and the spectrum of emotions. We are open to collaborations and below is the most recent episode. You can find the other episodes on most streaming platforms. Please reach out via the Contact page if you are curious about getting involved.

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