JRB is accepting workshop proposals for our 2023 Young Adult Leadership Summit!

Update: We are extending our submission deadline until 11/30/22!

Ready to break out of the loneliness and isolation of the pandemic? In recovery, but looking for an absolute banger of a good time with a community of your peers? Looking to step up into a leadership role where you can share your unique insights from exploring a creative pathway to recovery people might not encounter within the traditional mental health system? Then join us!

We’re searching across Connecticut for peers in recovery ages 18-29 who want to propose, develop, and lead workshops surrounding this year’s theme of exploring “Creative Pathways to Recovery”. If that sounds like you, throw your hat in the ring! Workshop facilitators receive a small stipend. And while time and financial constraints limit us to selecting just a handful of proposals, if you’re one of CT’s emerging adults in recovery, look out for our upcoming RSVP form!

Submit your workshop proposal by Sunday, 11/13/22 @ 11:59PM using the QR code or this link:

Not one of Connecticut’s peers in recovery between the ages of 18-29? Don’t have a workshop proposal that fits this year’s theme? You can still make a difference! If you support an emerging adult in recovery (or even want to take steps to support emerging adults in recovery!) and you think they’d be interested in this opportunity, feel free to share a link to this post. Or you can print, post, or otherwise share our flyers by downloading the file linked below.

Join the Movement.

Rise Above Circumstance.

Be the Voice of Recovery Among Young People.

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